Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Michael,

 letter I wrote to Michael Jackson. It contains almost every song name of his. See if you can find all 58 of them. 

Dear Michael, 

I want you back, because I love the way you make me feel.
You were never bad, you were so real. 
Do you remember the time you sang with Paul McCartney?
The girl is mine, you weren't talking about Billie Jean.
You rock my world, and I'm bouncing off the wall.
You may have died, but your legend will never fall. 
I wanted to rock with you sometime,
maybe rock to baby be mine.
It was just your human nature,
black or white, you didn't care.
You loved your fans, asking them, "don't walk away!
please, will you be there? will you stay?"
You were the man in the mirror, the unbreakable mirror
Who is it, that invaded you privacy? 
They don't care about us, they didn't see. 
They just said "give into me." 
They did it for the money, and classic tabloid junkie. 
You told them to beat it, and to leave me alone. 
Too bad you didn't chill them to the bone. 
You gave everyone butterflies, and left them all speechless. 
You made everyone think, there must be more to life then this. 
When you sang dirty Diana, you apologized,
but when you joined the beloved princess, it made everyone cry.
Tell me, is it scary, being on the other side?
You were never someone in the dark, and you never hid in the closet.
Neither were you a heart breaker, you said heaven can wait instead. 
You wanted to heal the world, even though you were a stranger in Moscow.
Now you're among ghosts, and people ask why? how?! 
You had a super fly sister, and knew a rat named Ben.
You played a smooth criminal, and have been threatened. 
People would wanna be startin' something,
others would wait till the break of dawn,
just to see you perform.
From Blood on the dance floor, to your famous earth song,
morphine and Jam, don't stop till you get enough,
everyone did just that, every fan.
2000 watts got you good too, but you're invincible.
You stayed in never land, and rode the carousel,
this time around, you still make everyone smile. 
Your song comes on the radio, and no one touches the dial.
Whether it's thriller or P.Y.T, 
whatever happens Michael,
you've made History. 

Your dedicated fan, 
Allie Carpenter. <3

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