Thursday, September 30, 2010

My friends

How do I decide who my best friends are? Well, I think of who I would want for my bride's maids for my wedding. Of course, no one can ever change who my maid of honor will be. But anyways, this is a dedication to those girls, who keep me up, and alive. :) 

Best friend for 8 years now. She's always had my back, always supported my decisions, and gives the best advice ever! She loves me for me, and she's the funnest, funniest, smartest, most outgoing girl I know! Se's so amazing, and silly, and she'll listen to you. She's successful with everything she does, from school, to art, to music. I can completely be myself with her, and never feel judged, and she gives the best compliments, even when you're feeling or looking like crap xD She's completely down to earth and I would NEVER give her up for anything! She is and always will be my sister for life. 

The closest to being my best friend since Galina. This girl, where do I begin? I screwed up our friendship, and she forgave me for it. We've been through SOOOOO many ups and downs, left and rights, and wrongs, but we're back on the road to friendship. She's amazing, sweet, kind, lovable, silly, and so much fun to be with :D I can be myself with her, and have loads of fun, and we can talk about anything. She beautiful too! lol I love this girl to death! 

Evelyn...Oh boy. Haha. She's silly, hyperactive, blonde, oh my god lol But she's got a strong determined heart, that's been through a lot, and I love her for how strong she is. She's strong willed, strong minded, and she sticks up for everything and everyone she loves and believes in. She's a fighter on the outside, and a lover on the inside. She sticks up for her friends, and doesn't take shit from anyone. I love this girl so much, she's always there for me, and even though we may joke about our "conditional, tainted love", I know it'll always be the opposite. :) 

Natasha is silly, fun, weird, random, all of the above. But she's got a heart of gold, and will always be there for you. I haven't known her for very long, and we don't get to hang out much, but I know she's will ALWAYS fight for what she believes in, and will never give up. She's struggled, but fought through it, even if she was doing it alone. I admire her for that, as well as her singing abilities lol 

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