Monday, September 13, 2010

Take off your mask

People are so scared of being judged. 
But everyone has is in them to judge someone. 
You wear a mask everyday, 
to hide who you really are. 
To hide how you're truly feeling. 
This is a fear that should be banished. 
It's hard to hide who you are. 
It sucks, am I right? 
To those of you who don't wear a mask, congrats. 
You are true. 
You have guts. You are brave. 
You may come off as a bitch, or a douchebag, 
or some other obscene name, 
but you're just being yourself. 
I envy that. I'm taking a vow,
 to take off my mask.
 I'm tired of being shy, 
and hiding, 
and I'm tired of being scared to be judged. 
The people who love you for who you are, 
the people you can be yourself around, 
will not leave you. 
They will stay by your side. 
If the person you love leaves you, 
because they can't appreciate who you are, 
forget them. 
Cry, and move on. 
Find a good friend.
 Find your true love. 
Be happy, and live your life. 
Take off your mask. 

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